Hot & Bothered

Candlelit Burlesque & Subtle-TEASE

Take power of your audience, with strong eye contact and wanton glances. This class will focus on stillness, slow movement, awareness of your own lovable body, and letting yourself go to raw, organic movement. Not only will you seduce the audience be it one or many, but you may even turn yourself on! This course is great for ALL LEVELS of performers who want to break down the purpose of their dance number, and focus on emitting more sensuality rather than worrying about intricate choreography.

There will be interactive exercises with other students, as well as floor work movement. You will apply these exercises to a downtempo, lightly choreographed burlesque piece, with room for improvisation. Setting the mood with dim candlelight, you’ll be ready to carry on the heat back home to your own bedroom!

Level: Open
Duration: 75-90 minutes
Dance styles: Modern, Contemporary, Burlesque, Bump & Grind
Attire: Long leggings and sleeves for floor work movement. Shoes optional.

this workshop formerly named “The Lascivious Approach”
was featured on the sexy travel show,
“UnderCover” with Kate Quigley, on Playboy TV!

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